Papon returns to Coke Studio@MTV Season 3 - as a Producer

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Papon (Angaraag Mahanta), multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and one of the most powerful new voices in India, returns to Coke Studio@MTV as a producer and composer, producing one full episode for the show’s third season. Well known for his signature folk styling and tremendous composition skills, Papon was one of the natural choices for the popular television show.

Papon is the only musician to be involved in all 3 seasons of Coke Studio@MTV while contributing more each year. In its first season, Papon sang the upbeat melody song Pak Pak (Bihu Naam) produced by Leslie Lewis. In the second season, Papon produced his own track, the energetic, high-spirited Assamese folk song Tokari, and also featured as a vocalist on Nitin Sawhney’s episode singing the beautiful, almost melancholic song Sahil Tak.

This season, Papon produces 6 new songs – 3 brand new compositions and 3 new crossborder folk songs. Papon’s episode of Coke Studio pays tribute to his wide range of influences – folk music from the North East, a musical tradition of which he has long been proud, regional folk music from across the country, ghazal, sufi, electronic, rock, and truly represents the India’s musical tradition – bringing together the old and the new, across the wide length and breath of our country.

The first two seasons of Coke Studio@MTV brought a confluence of diverse musical genres - both vocal and instrumental - from traditional to contemporary, from regional to folk. The second season of Coke Studio produced some incredible nationwide hits like Tokari (produced by Papon), Madari, Husna, Saathi Salaam and Chaudhari etc.

Season 3 continues the journey to celebrate India’s diversity in music and the incredible musicians who represent the best that the country has to offer. This year also sees 7 different music producers producing 7 individual episodes. The 8th episode will see 6 young artists (producing one song each) who are poised to take off as the next super stars in the Indian music scenario.

The seven music producers from across the country for Coke Studio@MTV Season 3 are AR Rahman, Amit Trivedi, Salim Sulaiman, Papon, Ram Sampath, Clinton Cerejo and Hitesh Sonik.

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