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 Corruption scandal throws Brazil`s interim government into disarray
54 Views, 24-05-2016, Courtsey News Live

: "We need to change the government to stop this bleeding."   "I am talking to the generals, the military commanders. They are fine with this, they said they will guarantee it," he says....Read more

 Cairo nightclub attack: Three people arrested
61 Views, 06-12-2015, Courtsey News Live

: Three people were arrested for their involvement in recent nightclub attack in Cairo that killed at least 16 people, Egyptian police has said.   According to their confessions, Friday’s attack was in revenge of the owners and workers at Al-Sayyad nightclub in Agouza district, media re...Read more

63 Views, 19-11-2015, Courtsey News Live

 India is among the 10 countries most impacted by terrorism in 2014, according to a new report which said that ISIS and Boko Haram are now jointly responsible for more than half of all global fatalities from terrorist attacks.     According to the third edition of the Global Terror...Read more

 15 killed, 41 hurt in blasts near Nigerian capital
102 Views, 03-10-2015, Courtsey News Live

 Two bomb blasts that ripped through the outskirts of Nigeria’s capital Abuja have left at least 15 people dead and 41 wounded, the National Emergency Management Agency said on Saturday.   "Following a coordinated rescue operation at scene of multiple explosions in both Nyaya ...Read more

 UN chief demands Burkina Faso military show `restraint`
76 Views, 18-09-2015, Courtsey News Live

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called Thursday for Burkina Faso`s military to "exercise restraint" after three people died and scores more were injured in protests following a coup.   Ban condemned "in the strongest terms" the coup led by a close ally of toppled ex-leade...Read more

Flash flood kills seven in Utah
59 Views, 15-09-2015, Courtsey News Live

 Flash floods in the western state of Utah have killed at least seven people, state officials said.   The disaster happened in the town of Hildale on the border with Arizona, the Utah Division of Emergency Management said on Twitter....Read more

 At least 40 dead in ethnic clashes in southern Libya
64 Views, 22-07-2015, Courtsey News Live

 At least 40 people have been killed in a week of ethnic clashes in southern Libya between rival gunmen from the Toubou and Tuareg minorities, a local official said.   The latest fighting centred on the oasis city of Sabha, the largest in the Libyan Sahara, the official said.   Hu...Read more

 Myanmar adopts policy to settle boat people crisis
64 Views, 09-06-2015, Courtsey News Live

Myanmar`s House of Nationalities (upper house) on Tuesday passed a motion to adopt a decisive policy for detained Bangladeshi boat people.   "On humanitarian grounds, investigating the origin of the boat people and giving them temporary shelter is in the interest of Myanmar people and th...Read more

 Japanese island to be evacuated after volcano erupts
72 Views, 29-05-2015, Courtsey News Live

:00 p.m. (0600 GMT), said Tatsuya Terada, a government official on Yakushima.   "We will need to verify safety conditions and check lists of names, but that`s currently the plan," he said.   A Coast Guard ship was standing by off the island.   Kuchinoerabujima island i...Read more

 Modi arrives in Seoul, says world\’s perception of India has changed
46 Views, 18-05-2015, Courtsey News Live

The world\'s perception of India has changed in the past one year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his address to the Indian community in Seoul.   Indian community members in large number, waving small tri-colour flags, were at the ROK Airbase to welcome the prime minister, who arrived f...Read more