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Eat nuts to reduce inflammation
52 Views, 30-07-2016, Courtsey News Live

In a study of more than 5,000 people, researchers have found that greater nuts consumption is associated with lower levels of biomarkers of inflammation, a finding that may help explain the health benefits of nuts. Five or more servings of nuts per week or substituting nuts for animal proteins tied...Read more

 Plump up your lips
72 Views, 26-07-2016, Courtsey News Live

: Most lip plumpers come with a sensation that can go from warm, burning to cool, tingling, so choose your product wisely. Just for the monsoons, it’s always better to play safe and stick to a gooey lip shine that’s long-lasting and is smudge proof.   CONTOUR IT! "Contouring...Read more

 Credit card owners beware! Do not make these mistakes
65 Views, 21-07-2016, Courtsey News Live

Credit card opens a huge opportunity for your shopping because it makes the transaction easier, smoother and hassle free.   But you should use your credit card wisely or else the small mistakes that you make might create a lot of troubles for you later.   If you are a frequent credit c...Read more

 Dads have direct effect on kids’ development
56 Views, 19-07-2016, Courtsey News Live

Fathers play a ’surprisingly’ key role in their children’s development, from language and cognitive growth in toddlerhood to social skills in fifth grade, according to a new study.   The research provides some of the most conclusive evidence to date of fathers’...Read more

 Recipe: Punjabi dry daal
53 Views, 18-07-2016, Courtsey News Live

A land known for its delicious cuisine, Punjab never fails to serve us with the most exquisite recipes. Dry daal, a popular dish with traditional Punjabi families, will surely bowl you over with its scrumptious taste. Since Punjabi attitude is about taking it easy, this recipe does not involve much ...Read more

 How to get rid of dark circles
72 Views, 15-07-2016, Courtsey News Live

Our increasingly stressful lives have not only left us unhealthy, but the stress has also started to reflect on our faces, mostly in the form of dark circles. While a lot of people attribute dark circles to aging, working for long hours in front of a computer, watching TV at length, lack of sleep me...Read more

 14 healthy cooking habits you must follow
46 Views, 13-07-2016, Courtsey News Live

: Incorporating right foods and using right ways of cooking or preparing meals will help and allow the body to nourish well wherein the body is healthier, more energetic and less likely to develop diseases that are lifestyle related. Therefore Eat Vital and have fun now and then....Read more

 Foods that help relieve morning sickness
51 Views, 11-07-2016, Courtsey News Live

: Whether you want to add some lemon drops in a glass of water, sniff them or simply bite on the slices, Lemons will do a great job in keeping nausea at bay.   Raw milk: Rich in calcium, milk will soothe your tummy and ensure that you don’t throw up everything you eat.   Ginger: ...Read more