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 Tips to take care of your shoes during monsoon
71 Views, 04-07-2016, Courtsey News Live

Maintaining your shoes during monsoon can be a task. Brushing, drying and polishing them regularly can help in preventing them from getting spoiled during the rainy weather, says expert.    Brush them right Make it a routine to remove the mud from the shoe as the damp mud tends to stick...Read more

92 Views, 21-04-2016, Courtsey News Live

One of the most unexplored adventure holiday destinations in India, Kawasing reserve forest near Rani in Assam is home to Camp Adventure Journey that provides the intrepid camper a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation.      The Kawasing Eco Camp, located in the Salser Village in...Read more

Sun sand sea and Goa
75 Views, 17-03-2016, Courtsey News Live

Goa’s past as a Portuguese colony has lent it a unique architectural style and ethos. While early morning walks around Old Goa are not to be missed, Fontainhas, Fort Aguada, Chandor as well as a number of museums are a must-do as well. If learning more of Goa’s fascinating history is on ...Read more

 How to take care of your feet
68 Views, 07-03-2016, Courtsey News Live

Constant exposure to dirt, grime and sun can wreak your feet. Wearing open sandals in this weather can not only make your feet to crack but also cause tanning. Here are a few ways you can take care of them - Wash your feet when you get back home and apply a moisturising lotion Right after you get ...Read more

 Best exercises for a flat stomach
73 Views, 23-02-2016, Courtsey News Live

: These exercises will only help you get rid of stomach fat if you practise them in combination with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.   Funky standing abs   This is one of the best and easiest exercises to begin with. Stand with your feet below your shoulders, and then tighten yo...Read more

 5 reasons to do yoga in the morning
61 Views, 01-01-2016, Courtsey News Live

: Any carry-over issues that you have from the previous day or night are dispelled. The various poses — twists, backbends and forward bends ease muscle stress, improve flexibility and remove stiffness.   Builds focus: Adhering to a simple yoga technique in the morning, such as an energi...Read more

 Fight dry skin this winter with these steps
63 Views, 24-11-2015, Courtsey News Live

:   1) A 20-minute-long hot water shower can be very relaxing.Don’t stay in the hot water for too long as it can strip moisture off your hair.   2) Use a moisturiser for your feet to avoid cracks and for your hands as well. Don’t forget to wear cotton socks.   3) For...Read more

 Tips to make junk food healthy for kids
73 Views, 06-11-2015, Courtsey News Live

Generally, parents compel kids to eat fruits and vegetables, which they mostly do not like. In fact instead of force feeding them food they detest, it is better to make healthy dishes more interesting. Would you say no to pizza if it were healthy? All you have to do is, smartly replace ingredients w...Read more

Tips for your wedding day
53 Views, 24-10-2015, Courtsey News Live

Everyone makes a list of thing to pack, but you should also make a list of things to bring back People leave things on site and for get to collect, arranged to bring these keepsakes back. Assign someone you trust to  download as many photos as possible before your guests leave the party . You m...Read more

 Why you should have curd
57 Views, 04-10-2015, Courtsey News Live

:   -Improves digestion: The nutrients in curd are easily absorbed by the digestive system and it is said that it helps absorb nutrients from the meal one eats.   - Good for heart: Curd is good for the heart as it reduces the risk of high blood pressure and helps reduce cholesterol l...Read more