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 Strengthen your immune system
57 Views, 04-09-2015, Courtsey News Live

: While we don\'t suggest you have a huge social circle but the people you surround yourself with also has an impact on your health. And when you have strong social ties, it leads to better relationships and health. Ensure that you interact more — you can keep your close friends circle small,...Read more

 Tips to reduce weight in 10 days
57 Views, 31-07-2015, Courtsey News Live

:   Diet rules for waist training are that a person has to be calorie deficit. Daily consumption of at least five to six small meals should also be on right amount of protein and healthy fats diet and low in carbohydrates (fats like Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, flaxseed, extra virgin olive oil)...Read more

 Water for healthy living
62 Views, 16-07-2015, Courtsey News Live

Water being the basic necessity to sustain life and overall development, it has far-reaching effects from households to industries. 2013 being the year for water cooperation this world water day stresses on equitable access to water. We must look toward an equitable access to clean drinking water an...Read more

 Drinking coffee doesn\’t trigger diabetes
65 Views, 13-07-2015, Courtsey News Live

Maintain your love with coffee as it does not put you at the risk of developing obesity or diabetes, a gene-based study has said.   Danish researchers looked at genes as our genes play a role in how much coffee we drink in the course of a day.   So if you have the special coffee genes,...Read more

 Simple remedies to battle sinus
69 Views, 28-06-2015, Courtsey News Live

Try these simple remedies for relief...   Constantly battling a sinus problem and desperate for relief? Here are some remedies that might help you...   - The body requires plenty of liquids to increase its moisture levels, so make sure you drink a lot of fluids — go for nutrient-...Read more

 10 alternate treatments for depression
45 Views, 21-06-2015, Courtsey News Live

Depression, you\'re either going through it or you may know someone who is going through depression.   Sadly, you are in-charge of your emotions and even though friends and family may try their best to brighten up your mood, but eventually you are the boss of yourself. Getting into depression...Read more

 6 home remedies to get rid of dark circles
82 Views, 08-06-2015, Courtsey News Live

: Tomatoes are an excellent solution for getting rid of dark circle, as it naturally helps to decrease the dark circles and also makes the skin soft and supple. All you need to do is mix one teaspoon of tomato juice with a teaspoon of lemon juice and apply it under your eyes. Let it remain for about...Read more

 Says study most people love being alone
261 Views, 27-05-2015, Courtsey News Live

If you enjoy being all by yourself, then you are not alone. Most people love to spend their time being alone than being surrounded by people, new study says.   The results of a recent Pew survey found that 85 percent of the surveyed people think it is "important" to have alone time,...Read more

 Eat these to beat the stress easily
54 Views, 20-05-2015, Courtsey News Live

: Blueberries are high on Vitamin C and antioxidants and these are the two things our body requires when going through stress. So eat blueberries to get yourself out of that stressful situation. You can have them with yogurt or ice-cream to make them taste even better.   Milk: That\'s right. ...Read more

 Tips to keep your skin fresh this summer
53 Views, 18-05-2015, Courtsey News Live

:   Multani mitti, or mudclay packs are great coolants that also help remove the tan on your skin. Make a homemade face pack of fuller\'s earth (Multani mitti), lemon, curd and a little bit of water and apply on your skin.Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water.   ...Read more