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 Easy home cleaning tips
56 Views, 02-03-2015, Courtsey News Live

You don\'t need fancy gadgets or cleaning agents when it comes to cleaning your home. Here are few everyday items that can double up as cleaning tools.   Don\'t use your tennis balls only during playtime. It can be also used in place of a plunger, whenever your sink or bathroom is clogged. Cu...Read more

 Easy to follow Vastu tips for your house
64 Views, 06-02-2015, Courtsey News Live

Your home is the most comfortable place to be, and it is by itself your most priced possession. Along with paying your utility bills, buying grossary, doing your interiors etc. If a few tips of Vastu Shastra are followed, it ensures a good health of your house.   Attract positive energies Va...Read more

 Avoid frizzy hair in the winter
50 Views, 02-02-2015, Courtsey News Live

A common complaint is hair going frizzy and dry during the cold, so here are some tips to keep in mind. Use humidifiers   It\'s tempting to leave the heater in your room on all day , but this can dry out your hair, not to mention your skin. Keep a humidifier, which will help the body retain ...Read more

4 basic ways to exercise regularly
62 Views, 30-01-2015, Courtsey News Live

: The beginning is always tough. And if you start with a simple target, you will be able to achieve it and then you will also feel motivated. So, if you are going to start walking, then start with a target of 20 minutes of walking initially and then increase it gradually to 40 minutes. Be realistic ...Read more

 Things to avoid when you\’re drunk
48 Views, 24-01-2015, Courtsey News Live

: This one is extremely serious. Not only are you risking your own life, but also that of others in the car and those who are out on the road or in other vehicles. Make sure that you either take a cab back home or have a sober friend, who can take over the task. It\'s not macho to drive when you are...Read more

 6 ways to decorate your home with antiques
63 Views, 10-01-2015, Courtsey News Live

: One of the most important aspects of decorating your house with antiques is that you can always overdo it and create clutter. One easy way to avoid unnecessary clutter is to buy one item that will operate as a focal point — for example a larger-than-average mirror, a coffee table, painting e...Read more

 Ways to reduce dry scalp in winter
56 Views, 02-01-2015, Courtsey News Live

Oil your scalp Certain oils have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help in keeping the scalp free from infection. Also, oil has the property to seal moisture from within. Says Seema Singh, a beautician, "Dip cotton in warm coconut oil/ extra virgin olive oil/castor oil and sponge ...Read more

 Importance of getting enough sleep everyday
59 Views, 18-12-2014, Courtsey News Live

Do you always feel that sleeping is a waste of time? Think you can get away with just four to five hours everyday? Make up for your sleep deficit by sleeping all weekend? It\'s time you rectify your sleeping patterns. Here are some reasons why sleep is so essential...   - Not getting your req...Read more

 How to take care of your skin this winter
51 Views, 03-12-2014, Courtsey News Live

: Getting a facial is a great way to clear out your skin and start a new season. As the climate changes, so does our skin, and an aesthetician can help ease the transition.   Drink water: Remembering to stay hydrated in the summer is a no-brainer. But as it gets colder, getting your daily dos...Read more

Easy home remedies for a perfect face
52 Views, 15-11-2014, Courtsey News Live

: Make a paste of sandalwood, almonds, honey and curd and apply a layer of this paste everyday on your face and neck. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash off.   Shape up your brows: This is important step towards a well-defined face. Get a professional reshaping of your brows done. It ca...Read more