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 Health benefits of Aloe Vera
51 Views, 11-11-2014, Courtsey News Live

Though aloe vera leaves a bitter taste in the mouth when consumed, its inclusion is essential in your diet. Read on to find out what magical properties this humble plant has.   Improves skin - What if you were told that consuming a glass of aloe juice once a day could give you flawless, healt...Read more

 Hairstyles you can wear to your workplace
96 Views, 25-10-2014, Courtsey News Live

Like experimenting with your hair, but have no time to try out different hairstyles while you are hurrying for work? Here are two easy-todo styles that you can resort to while heading to the workplace.   BALLERINA BUN Detangle your hair completely and pull it up into a tight pony. Divide you...Read more

 How to avoid weight-gain this festive season
61 Views, 24-10-2014, Courtsey News Live

Festivals are synonymous to binge eating. Here are tips from clinical nutritionist Pooja Makhija, dietician Karishma Chawla and fitness and health professional Rupali Sim Vaid to bail you out...   -Use artificial sweetener sparingly. Instead, use sugar substitutes like dates or anjeer in mith...Read more

 Skincare tips before going to bed
57 Views, 19-10-2014, Courtsey News Live

Taking care of your skin at night is crucial. Here\'s why   Your skin at night goes through a renewal process. Thus, caring for it before you go off to sleep is essential. Not only does it help your skin looking youthful, but it also ensures that your skin remains smooth.   Face wash w...Read more

 Super benefits of ginger you did not know
69 Views, 07-10-2014, Courtsey News Live

Here are some benefits of ginger that will have you biting into it.   Ginger is one condiment which not just spices up your food and gives it the punch; it also comes with a lot of health and beauty benefits. Here are some of them -   Bite into a small piece of ginger before a meal and...Read more

 Simple exercises to reduce eye strain
59 Views, 05-10-2014, Courtsey News Live

Do you find yourself squinting your eyes and rubbing them in irritation often? Owing to the exposure of the computer screens and mobile phones in our daily lives, a lot of people have started experiencing blurred vision, itchiness and headaches on a daily basis.    Here are a few simple ...Read more

 Look stunning this Durga Puja
253 Views, 02-10-2014, Courtsey News Live

: For the day puja or one at home, it’s best to keep the look rather subtle. To stick to a simple and not-so-glam make-up. Ensure your face is well-moisturised and clean, because it’s more about the natural look here. You could brush on some loose powder and highlight your cheek bones w...Read more

 6 daily habits we need to quickly change
51 Views, 25-09-2014, Courtsey News Live

: It\'s a good idea to wait for at least an hour after the meal before reaching out for the toothbrush. If you must dislodge food particles that remain after eating, rinse your mouth with water.   Using the hand sanitiser  Do you have a habit of reaching out for the hand sanitiser each ...Read more

 The no-makeup look is in
63 Views, 23-09-2014, Courtsey News Live

At a recent international fashion week, models took to the runway without wearing any makeup at all. So, if you want to ditch that makeup (at least for the time being), here\'s how you can look glam...   - When you skip the makeup, it means that you\'re willing to let the world see your natur...Read more

 Recipe: Mutton Curry in mustard oil
59 Views, 18-09-2014, Courtsey News Live

: One kg mutton, salt, turmeric powder, mustard oil, ginger garlic paste, dahi, garam masala, potatoes, four or five big onions, green chillies, one big tomato.   Method: Lightly wash the mutton pieces, remove water and keep in mixing bowl. Do not over wash mutton. Sprinkle salt, turmeric pow...Read more