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Awesome Assam: Taking Assam to the world

Awesome Assam: Taking Assam to the world

GUWAHATI, Sep 4: A long-term plan is being envisaged to take Assam to a global platform and to pull as much tourist, both domestic as well as foreign, to the State. With a view to promoting Assam as a major tourist destination, State Tourism Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma Sunday unveiled the logo of Assam Tourism’s Awesome Assam campaign.
Highlighting plans to put special emphasis on the tourism sector, the Assam Tourism Minister said special publicity campaigns would be taken up that includes publishing and airing advertisements in renowned media houses.
“We have earmarked Rs 50 crore alone for publicity that includes airing and publishing advertisements in prominent national and international newspapers and TV channels,” Himanta Biswa Sarma said.
On the other hand, he mooted the idea of developing around 500-700 villages near tourist hotspots where tourists can stay and have a real feel of the beauty of the region.
He also announced  that Rs 33 crore has been earmarked for the development and maintenance of the Kamakhya temple.



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